Welcome to the Hastings & Rother Transport Action Group website.

Hastings & Rother Transport Action Group (HARTAG) is a formal consultative body that is able to actively engage in matters concerning all modes of transport and travel, and the provision of these throughout the Hastings Borough and the Rother District.

Our objectives include:

  1. To review common needs, issues and opportunities across the partnership, and work towards providing transport solutions for travellers and providers alike which represent good value for money and sustainability.
  2. To influence, inform and work in partnership with service providers/planners to improve local and sub-national transport provision to facilitate housing and employment growth across the Borough and District by identifying, lobbying and promoting appropriate solutions for all transport issues.
  3. To work together to create constructive partnership working between residents, businesses, service providers and planners in matters relating to travel in and around the Hastings Borough and Rother District, at local and County Council level, and to National and International destinations.
  4. To have a consultative and advisory role in the development of external funding bids by partners, which support improvements to transport infrastructure across Hastings Borough and Rother District.
  5. To help identify, access and support external funding opportunities to augment existing funding streams and seek to promote strategic transport solutions.